It's a Woman's World

The mission of our television show is to discuss any and all topics under the sun from a woman's point of view.


Generations is produced by Michael Rossberg and Nadia Giordana. Our slogan is “The show which helps people 50 and better lead happy, healthy and productive lives.”

Co-hosts: Nadia Giordana, Kathryn Kelley, Midge Bubany, Bob Johnston, David Lapakko, Gloria VanDemmeltraadt. See the most recent episode below:

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December 2017: Renate Sharp and Amanda Barnett are our guests today.

November 2017: Randy Smith joins us to discuss his law practice as applied to the aging.

October 2017: Mordecai Specktor from American Jewish Newspaper is our guest.

September 2017: Candy and Jamayla Pettiford discuss technology and our youth with us.

August 2017: Eileen Moore joins us for a discussion about coping with life’s changes.

July 2017: A discussion on aging with David Fink.

June 2017: Keeping healthy habits even as an octogenarian with Lois Libby Juster.

May 2017: Aquatic biologist and conservationist, Dan Wilcox is our guest today.

April 2017: Caryn Sullivan, contributor to the St. Paul Pioneer Press and WCCO Radio, joins us to talk about planning for the inevitable and living in the moment.

March 2017: Donna Chicone, author of Being a Super Pet Parent shares insights into seniors, pets, and some things to think about.

January 2017: Author of Miles of Memories, Lori Spangler talks to us about how she set about visiting all 50 states.

December 2016: Author Midge Bubany joins the show.

November 2016: Robert Johnston joins us to share some good financial practices for seniors.

October 2016: We’re talking about WWII and its aftermath with guests, Ute Buehler and Gloria VanDemmeltraadt.

September 2016: Dick Reuter (square dance caller) joins us for a discussion and lively demonstration of square dancing.

August 2016: Carol McCormick, professional storyteller is our special guest this month.

July 2016: Kim Fox and Val Schonberg, registered dietitians talk with us about diet and nutrition for seniors.

June 2016: Our very special guest today is Carol McCormick, senior storyteller.

May 2016: Jeff Dezellar joins us to tell his personal story of how he has taken up a renewed interest in guitar playing since retiring.

April 2016: Dr. Thomas von Sternberg discusses non-life threatening chronic medical conditions that sometimes affect persons over the age of 60.

March 2016: Karen Lund, author of Being an Elder

February 2016: That’s Entertainment! Introducing Ed Noreen, then Kathryn Kelley talks about Entertaining Retirement

January 2016: Remembering the 1960s with special guests, Jeanne Rogers (past host) and Stella Lundquist

December 2015: Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom

November 2015: David Lapakko, winner of the Great American Think-Off

October 2015: How to record an oral history.

September 2015: Back to the 50s

August 2015: Transportation, Then and Now along with a visit to St. Paul’s Union Depot.

July 2015: Lynn Garthwaite, founder of Books on Wings.

July 2015: Author Jean Illsley Clarke, PhD discusses the art of grandparenting.

June 2015: Art Appreciation with Kristin Makholm, Executive Director of Minnesota Museum of American Art.

May 2015: Elder Care with Deborah Delaney.

May 2015: Overcoming Paralysis, Kathi Holmes.

April 2015: Planning for a Rewarding Retirement with Janet Warwick.

March 2015: Capturing Memories with Gloria VanDemmeltraadt.

March 2015: Mountain Climbing and Growing Through the Narrow Spots with Ruth Bachman.

February 2015, Being Positively Positive: Authors Louise Griffith and Joan Kennedy offer their advice on positive thinking.

January 2015: Author Joan Kennedy (92-yrs-old) offers her “Four Rules of the Game of Life.

January 2015, Roundabout to Safety: Bill Klingbeil, civil engineer and roundabout specialist, joins us for a discussion on roundabouts and Senior Citizen Drivers.

December 2014: Hosted by Jeanne Rogers with co-hosts, Elly Fried and Karen Risett, this episode of Generations: Roundtable Edition is all about living longer and better, the myths about aging and more. Guests today are A. M. (high school senior and aspiring neuroscientist, and Susan Brower, Minnesota State Demographer

November 2014: In segment 1 of this episode of Generations, Bill Cosgrove, a.k.a. “Professor Origami,” will demonstrate the art of origami for the audience. In segment 2, our guest is Nadia Giordana, producer of WomanVision TV. Another public access television production here at SPNN. She will tell us about how she got started doing the show.

Cast and contributors for our shows in no specific order

Michael Rossberg: Producer/Director

Beverly Crosby: Technical Director

Nadia Giordana, Alli Naithani, Dr. Susan Strauss, Kathryn Kelley, Dr. Ellen Kennedy, David Lapakko, Gloria VanDemmeltraadt, Lynn Garthwaite, Jamela Pettiford, Dawn Tomlinson, Ishwari Rajak, Amalia Moreno Damgaard, Midge Bubany, Robert Johnston, David Lapakko, Barbara La Valleur, Katy DeZellar, Melissa Nambangi, Candy Pettiford, Heidi Soll, David Trood