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It’s a Woman’s World: Helping Community Help Children

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It’s a Woman’s World: Bringing Comfort

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Generations: Design Principals

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It’s a Woman’s World: Women in Leadership Part 3

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It’s a Woman’s World: Appreciating Modern Art

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Generations: Substance Use Trends in Youth

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Women in Leadership Part 2

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On the air since 2007, It’s a Woman’s World has spoken with hundreds of successful, strong, and enlightened women who are actively seeking their own place within the American dream of justice and equality. We continue to strive to provide a platform for issues of interest to women worldwide. IAWW is produced by Michael Rossberg and Nadia Giordana.

Generations is produced by Beverly Crosby. Their Mission Statement is “The show which helps people 55 and better lead happy, healthy and productive lives.”

On this website, you’ll find information about the current and future operations of the show, plus a variety of our recent episodes.

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Generations: The Importance of Organization

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Heroin Abuse and it’s Impact on Today’s Society

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Exec. Producer, Mike Rossberg

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