It's a Woman's World

The mission of our television show is to discuss any and all topics under the sun from a woman's point of view.

Banner and Episode Images

image of a woman with dark hair to symbolize all women, as her ethnic origin is indiscernible.

Female Face of Humanity

Female Face of Humanity

This computer-generated image is used with the permission of Danish photographer David Trood.  He traveled the world taking photographs of many hundreds of women in proportion to their ethic group’s relative size within the world community.  Trood made sure that each woman’s eyes were precisely placed within the frame, then used a computer program to merge all the surrounding features to produce this remarkable image.

Global Women

In order to symbolize its belief in the inherent dignity, humanity and equality of all women around the world, “It’s a Woman’s World” sought out

Women from 5 ethnic groups, dressed in traditional garb

Global Women

five Twin Cities women of different ethnic origins, who kindly posed for this photograph wearing clothing from their ancestral homelands.  From the front left around the globe to the front right, these women are Bridget Rosario-Vega, Nyango Melissa Nambangi, Uma Janga, Bonnie Peace Watkins, and Na Vang.  Photo courtesy of professional photographer Heidi Soll.

Stylized image of woman, with blue, rippling around that looks like water.

Sunken Garden Sculpture

Sunken Garden Sculpture

Show staff-member Michael Rossberg took this shot in pursuit of his interest in what he terms “reflectionography,” the art of taking colorful and visually interesting photographs of the world as it appears on any reflective surface, such as pools of water, building windows, and shiny metal surfaces. This photo depicts the sculpture of a woman as reflected in the water pool located in the Como Park Conservatory Sunken Garden.

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Our host: Alli Naithani

Since Alli began her stint as a television show host in 2006, she has demonstrated a level of eloquence, graciousness, compassion, and keen intelligence which makes her a standout among Twin Cities noncommercial television show hosts.

Co-host Susan Strauss

Co-host: Tai Goodwin

Co-host Jamela Pettiford

Co-producer Nadia Giordana

Co-producer Gloria VanDemmeltraadt

IAWW TV Cast and Crew

Michael Rossberg: Producer/Director/Video Editor

Beverly Crosby: Technical Director

Alli Naithani: Host

Dr. Susan Strauss: Co-host/Guest Coordinator

Nadia Giordana: Co-host/Co-Producer/Social Media

Kathryn Kelley: Camera Operator

Dr. Ellen Kennedy: Special Contributor

Jill Johnson: Special Contributor

Gloria VanDemmeltraadt: Co-producer

Lynn Garthwaite: Special Contributor

Jamela Pettiford: Co-host

Heidi Soll: “Global Women” banner photo

David Trood: “Average Global Woman” banner image