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The Write Thing: Planning Tips to Writing a Book

An episode from “It’s A Woman’s World”, May 5, 2013: The Write Thing, with Julia Tagliere, Lindsey Tagaliere, Betty Liedtke, Alli Naithani, Dara Beevas, and host, Susan Strauss. The subject is all about writing, inspiration to write, how to get started, etc.

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Michael Rossberg: Executive Producer

Nadia Giordana: Producer, Moderator Beverly Crosby: Producer, Moderator

Co-hosts/Crew/Contributors: Alli Naithani, Dr. Susan Strauss, Dr. Ellen Kennedy, David Lapakko, Gloria VanDemmeltraadt, Lynn Garthwaite, Jamela Pettiford, Amalia Moreno Damgaard, Midge Bubany, Robert Johnston, David Lapakko, Barbara La Valleur, Melissa Nambangi, Candy Pettiford
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